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What is an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are those who set up new businesses and take on the risk while reaping the rewards.

Entrepreneurs are a vital part of any economy. They use their skills and initiative to anticipate market needs and bring new ideas to the marketplace.


  • Entrepreneur is a person who takes on the risk of starting a business venture.
  • Entrepreneurs create a company to realize their ideas, also known as entrepreneurship. This combines capital and labor to produce profit.
  • Although it is risky, entrepreneurship can also be very rewarding as it generates economic wealth, growth and innovation.
  • Entrepreneurs need to ensure funding. Financing options include SBA loans or crowdfunding.
  • How a business structure is constructed will determine how tax returns are filed and paid.

gyanbagh startups

Gyanbagh Hazaribagh based Startups

The startup is solving the education problem in the globe.

gyanbagh are building a futuristic learning platform by Using Web 3.0, blockchain, metaverse.
This platform will enable you to set your goal, according to the set goal. the platform will rearrange itself to achieve your goal.
We are trying to build decentralize Learning eco-system .

Mission :We Are helping Humans to find the best version of themselves.

udit narayan Hazaribagh

Founder : Udit Narayan

Its an Hazarinagh first startups.

More Information about Udit Narayan Gyanbagh

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