Ban on plastic and thermocol.

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Ban of plastic and thermocol related products.

Now the use, manufacture and trade of plastic and thermocol cups-plates, spoons, straws etc. will be banned. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has issued a notice related to this. It states that this notice will be effective from July 1, 2022. In this, plastic ear bird stick, plastic stick used in balloon, plastic stick used in flag, plastic candy stick, ice cream stick and thermocol used for decoration will also be in the banned category.

Plastic covers for sweets, plastic with invitation cards, plastic over cigarette packets, plastic below 100 microns and PVC banners will also be in the restricted category. In the notice issued by CPCB, it has been said that this information has to be given to all the producers, stockists, retailers, shopkeepers, e-commerce companies, street vendors, business establishments.

Single use plastic plate left in the garden

*Central Pollution Control Board issued notice Action will be taken for violation of order Till June 30 to remove such products. *Single use plastic below 100 microns is already banned in Jharkhand.

This information will also have to be given to malls, market complexes, shopping centers, cinema halls, tourist places, schools, colleges, offices, hospitals. If anyone has this product, it has to be removed by June 30. If found after this, action will be taken under the section prescribed in the Environment Protection Act-1986. All banned products will be confiscated. Compensation will also be taken for the damage caused to the environment.

Mass of plastic garbage not treated.

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