Top 5 beautiful waterfall in Ranchi Jharkhand

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jonha fall

1. Hundru waterfall

hundru fall
hundred fall Ranchi

The Hundru fall is a 45-kilometer drive away from Ranchi. This beautiful waterfall is the perfect
destination for weekend picnics. The area’s lush green landscape is an excellent setting for a
picnic. The river running through the region is also a great place to see birds. The falls are one
of the most photographed spots in the area. Visitors enjoy the spectacular views of the
surrounding mountains. In winter, the falls are a popular picnic spot.
The Hundru Waterfall is a mesmerizing site located 45 kilometers from the city of Ranchi. The
scenic view of the falls will make your day. The Suvarna Rekha Hydral Project is located near
the falls. The waterfalls from an elevation of 98 meters and 322 feet. The falls are a popular
picnic and bathing spot. The waterfall itself is beautiful and picturesque, making it an ideal
The waterfall is a spectacular sight and is a popular trekking destination. It is open 24 hours a
day and seven days a week. It is best to visit the falls during the daytime. For those who wish to
stay overnight, there are several hotels in the city. Most of them offer accommodation, but it is
best to plan your trip well in advance. Getting a room at a hotel near Hundru Falls Ranchi is a
great way to experience the falls and the surrounding area.

hundru waterfall

2. Dassam waterfall

The Dassam fall is a beautiful waterfall in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is located near the
Taimara village in Bundu police station. The falls are a popular tourist attraction in Ranchi, and
you can visit them any time of the year. You can see many different types of waterfalls, such as
the tiger, cascade, and sandstone falls. There are several places where you can enjoy a
refreshing dip in the water, such as the Bundu police station, which is just across from the falls.
The closest train station to Dassam Fall is the City of Ranchi. The nearest railway station is
Hatia. The waterfall is 40 km from Ranchi and can be reached by road, bus, or train. There is
parking available at the entrance. The cost is INR 30 per vehicle. You can enjoy the scenic
beauty of the fall 24 hours a day. It is best to arrive before dusk to avoid the crowds, as the falls
become isolated after sunset.
The Dassam Falls is accessible by public transport, and parking is available for INR 30 per car
per day. Entry is free and the waterfall is open 24 hours a day. There are no time restrictions, but
you should avoid arriving after dusk because the falls are isolated. If you wish to go to Dassam
Fall from another city, you can take a train to Ranchi Junction. Alternatively, you can reach Hatia
by taking a taxi.

3. Sita waterfall

The Sita fall in India is a wonderful attraction that’s worth visiting. Located in Ranchi, the
waterfall is a dazzling sight. The mighty waters cascade in a wide valley as the name implies.
Visitors who come here can view the mighty fall as well as other waterfalls in the area. The
waterfalls are particularly beautiful in the early morning and late evening, so a visit to this beauty
is a must for any nature lover.
If you’re planning to travel to Sita Falls, you need to take note of its climate. It has a subtropical
climate and the temperature ranges from 45 degrees to 30 degrees. The rainy month of August
brings in the most pleasant weather for picnics. In contrast, the winter months are best for hiking.
During this time, the waterfalls are frozen, making them perfect for a refreshing dip. Regardless
of the season, you’ll want to plan your trip accordingly.
The climate in Sita Falls is subtropical. The average temperature ranges from 45 degrees to 30
degrees during the summer. The rainy month of August brings cooler temperatures and is
perfect for picnicking. The fall is at its most beautiful during the winter months. You’ll find plenty
of water to swim in and enjoy the view. It’s also ideal for families with children. You’ll definitely
have a blast at the Sita fall.

4. Chunri waterfall

The Hundru Falls at Ranchi is 45 km from the main city of Ranchi. It is a favorite attraction for
families and trekkers alike. Located in the Chota Nagpur Plateau, the falls are spectacular, and
the rushing water provides an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for a fun-filled day out,
consider trekking to the top of Chunri Fall Ranchi.
The waterfalls are formed by rivers coming down from a plateau and entering an area of lower
elevation. The Pheruaghaugh Falls, at seventeen meters, is a product of the North Karo River.
The Hundru Fall is another example of scarp falls. It is located on the Subarnarekha River, near
Ranchi. Other waterfalls include the Dassam and Sandi Falls on the Kanchi and Sankh rivers.
The Hundru Fall is another popular tourist attraction in Ranchi. The waterfall is formed on the
Subarnarekha River. It falls at a height of 320 feet, making it the highest waterfall in the state.
Visitors can bathe in the stream, but caution should be exercised when taking a dip in the water.
These are just some of the many waterfalls in the Chotanagpur Plateau.
The plateaus in this region consist of limestone and other rocks. At their highest, they reach
about 1100 meters and continue to descend in a series of steps to merge with the Lower Ganga
Plain. The plateaus are characterized by deep gorges and waterfalls. It is separated from the
Hazaribag plateau by the Damodar trough, which is a Permo-Triassic trough.

5.Jonha waterfall

jonha waterfall ranchi

The Jonha waterfalls are a popular tourist destination in Ranchi. This scenic attraction is just a
A 40-minute drive from the city center. The area has a number of beautiful lakes and forests, and it
is safe for the whole family to visit. The waterfalls are also nearby two Buddhist temples. One of
the attractions is the gorge where you can take a dip. If you want to explore the surrounding
forests, you can visit several villages.
The city is also home to several churches. There is a spiritual vibe here, and many people take
the time to visit the church. The tranquility and peace of the surrounding nature make the
journey worthwhile. The distance from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata is also a
plus. While there, be sure to bring your camera along as the road conditions are not ideal during
high season. Whether you choose to visit the city during daylight hours, you’ll have to take a cab
or a train to get there.
If you’re in search of a waterfall that has a heavenly aura, Jonha Falls should be on your bucket
list. The falls are only forty kilometers from the city of Ranchi, and the weather is generally
pleasant. It’s located on the Radhu River, which is also its master stream. Regardless of the
season, fall is a must-see destination in the region. It’s an enchanting natural beauty and a
must-see destination for any traveler.

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