Where is Hazaribagh

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Whare is hazaribagh

You may have already wondered where Hazaribagh is. Located 40 km from Silwar, Hazaribagh
is also as the Land of Thousand Gardens. The district is the largest in West Bengal, with
a population of more than 400,000. The name is a mashup of the two towns, and is an apt
description. Its history dates back to the 15th century & is steeped in Hindu legend.

The town’s name is derived from Persian words Hazar, meaning ‘thousand’, and bagh, which
means ‘garden.’ In 1783, a military road was built connecting Varanasi with Kolkata. In the mid-
19th century, a road to New Delhi was constructed, and in 1883, the town became known as
Hazaribagh. In the 19th century, a small Bengali community settled in the area, contributing to
the town’s development.
The town is known for its prominent Indian freedom movement leaders. Dr. Rajendra Prasad,
later the first president of India was imprisoned in the jail in Hazaribagh. Jayaprakash Narayan,
an important leader during the Quit India Movement was put under arrest in Hazaribagh Central
Jail in 1942. However, with local support, he escaped from there. The town has long been a
home to a small Bengali community, which contributed to the development of the town.

In addition to being the capital of the Hazaribagh district, Hazaribagh is also an important
training centre for the police forces of Jharkhand. The town is home to the largest training centre
in East India which is used to train officers for various law enforcement agencies. Besides being
a great tourist destination, the town is also home to the Hazaribagh National Park. The district is
surrounded by towns such as Gaya and Koderma.
In 2011, Hazaribagh had a population of 142,494, up from 127,243 in 2001. The town had a male
population of 74,267 while females numbered 68,227. In 2011, the literacy rate in Hazaribagh
was 80%, with 83% of residents being literate. The town had an average of 8% homicides. In the
year 2011, there were 143,494 people in Hazaribagh.

Hazaribagh is a large city in Jharkhand and is the divisional headquarters of the district. It is also
famous for its health resort and its National Park. The nearest cities are Ranchi, Gaya, and
Dhanbad. It is located about 100 kilometers away from the state capital of Kolkata. It is possible
to reach Hazaribagh by car from all parts of the country. If you’re traveling from another part of
the country, the Grand Trunk Road is the best option for you.
The town connected to Giridih via NH 33. It is 99 km from Ranchi, 114 km from Dhanbad, and
119 km from Gaya. There are regular bus services between the two towns. If you have a car,
you can travel from Hazaribagh to nearby cities on the outskirts of the city. When you get to the
town, you’ll need to take a taxi.


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