A Closer Look at Jamtara, Jharkhand

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The district of Jamtara is situated in the state of Jharkhand in India. It comprises 6 blocks, 1,811 square kilometers, 3 towns, and 1,161 villages. The district
is home to a high concentration of phishing experts. This article will provide an overview of the district, what to do to stay safe while visiting it, and more. It
also offers information on the school system. Let’s take a closer look at Jamtara, Jharkhand


The sleepy town of Jamtara in Jharkhand is the latest town to catch the attention of cyber criminals. This town in the tribal district of Santhal Pargana was
reportedly the center of cyber crimes in India. According to Rajiv Gauba, a 1982 batch IAS officer, over half of the country’s cyber crimes were committed
from Jamtara. However, there are many other reasons why Jamtara has been the focus of cybercrime in recent times.
The town’s police chief, SP Jaya Roy, calls the practice “phishing” and “vishing” – a scheme to phish private financial information. The scammers pose as
bank officials to get information, such as ATM PINs, credit card details, and Aadhaar numbers. In Jamtara, the scammers have never left town and are now
working in other parts of the country.
The town is home to a railway station named Chittaranjan. The famed locomotive factory is located in nearby Asansol, West Bengal. Jamtara is the 19th
the largest district in Jharkhand, with a population of just over 200,000. According to the Census 2011, 58.7% of the population did not work in the past year,
but 74 percent of people who were working were agricultural laborers or cultivators.
Cybercrime has been an ongoing problem in Jamtara. As many as three cases of lottery fraud were registered in Jamtara in 2013 – all of which required
victims to transfer money. The next phase of the scam involved advertising with images of celebrity faces, which required a processing fee. Once the
money was deposited, the fraudsters stopped taking their calls. In fact, some of these scammers have been operating in Jamtara for three or four years.

Its infamy

Often associated with phishing scams, the sleepy district of Jamtara in Jharkhand has been in the news lately. However, authorities have made efforts to
change that image. One example is the launch of community libraries in each of the district’s 118 panchayats. With the steady stream of students, the public
library has been a success. But it will be some time before the area’s reputation is restored.
One such case involved a 23-year-old man from Jamtara district in Jharkhand. The conman had posed as a customer care executive at a credit card
company and fraudulently secured an OTP to access a woman’s account. The woman, who has been named JMFC, had a credit card glitch on January 17
and decided to call the customer care number she had found through a search engine. Despite the phone call being sympathetic, the conman misled her
and removed Rs five lakhs from her account.
Netflix’s upcoming web series titled “Jamtara: Scamtown” is set to premiere on January 10 and has already garnered a stellar lineup. The film is set in
Jharkhand is a state in India that has become a center for cybercrime. Although it has a relatively low population, it has gained infamy as the Indian
equivalent of Romania’s Ramnicu Valcea, aka Scamville.

Its phishing experts

A phishing gang busted by the Delhi Police is said to have hailed from Jamtara district in Jharkhand. Of the six people arrested, three hail from this district.
They operated by posing as bank executives and stealing money from people’s bank accounts. The phishing gang was busted after a man in Delhi reported
one such case. The victim had called up a toll-free number and received a phone call from a bogus bank official. The phishing caller then asked him to enter
his Aadhaar number.
The phishing gangs of Jamtara have become increasingly sophisticated over the years. In 2013 alone, three cases of lottery fraud were registered in
Jamtara. In 2014, scammers started using celebrity faces in ads to get people to transfer money to them. These ‘winners’ were then told to pay a
processing fee in order to claim their prize. This type of scam has gotten so sophisticated, it has even made its way to the police!
Jamtara has become the pilgrimage of cybercrime policemen, with the district and its people now hailed as holy ground by cyber criminals. The police chief
of Jamtara once taught at the National Police Academy and was contacted by law enforcement agencies in other states every week. Jamtara’s cyber crime
hotbeds are proving to be the perfect environment for the phishing industry to flourish.

Its schools

In a bid to change the identity of the Jamtara district, Rabindranath Mahto, the Assembly candidate from Nala Assembly constituency, inaugurated a series
of public libraries in the district. Mahto said the effort has been successful and the same model should be adopted by all other districts of the state. He said
Jamtara has lost its old identity in the last two decades. In an interview with The Times of India, Mahto said he was keen on bringing the old identity back
and reviving the district.
The town of Jamtara is a municipality in Jharkhand state. It is divided into 6 blocks. The schools are listed under these blocks. Below is a list of the schools
in Jamtara. Click on the school name to get further details. Jamtara has 2 ICSE schools. You can visit the website of the schools to find out more
information about the school. They also provide contact details of the schools.
The Assembly Of God Church School is one of the top 10 schools in Jamtara. It is affiliated with the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations

Its railway station

If you are planning to go to Jamtara, Jharkhand, India, you need to know about its railway station. The station is located in the Jamtara district. This city is
one of the busiest and populated states in India. The number of trains that pass through this station is 142. Here is a look at the train timetable of Jamtara
railway station.
There is a 17-km road connecting Jamtara to Karmatar. The road is littered with large potholes, and it’s in a semi-urban environment with a population of
around 200,000. The road also passes by at least a dozen mobile phone towers, but this hardly seems to make a difference in the town. In fact, the road
itself is connected to the town’s infamy.

Its children’s park

The Pavat Vihar Children’s Park in Jamtara, Jharkhand, India, is a quaint attraction for children. Located five kilometers from the Jamtara railway station,
this park is ideal for family outings. This park is a popular destination for families, with activities ranging from pony rides to obstacle courses. If you’re
interested in visiting the park, you can register for free.

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